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what is the difference between simple distillation and differential distillation

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What is the chemical formula for Protein

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What is entire principle involved in karl fischer titration

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what is the principle involved in determination of moisture content?


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wich element has 39 neutrons

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How burnability of cement raw material is calculated from its free lime determined at 1400,1450 and1500Co. and how burning index range is calculated.

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father of modern chemistry

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what is an alloy

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what is ceramics

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what is the use of chemistry in banking

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Why only Water & Sodium Tatrate Is Use For THe Calibration Of Karl Fischer Titrator?

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What is the Range Of Infra red Spectrum?

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What is The Range Of Ultra violate Spectrum?

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How can we calibrate THe Auto Titrator ?

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why do you use water & Disodium tartrate in karl fischer?


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How tripod is used?


Why there is no bond with 100% ionic character...??


Name the element does the symbol au stand for?


Explain how do you extract ephedrine from a mineral block?


why using HCLO4 in potentiometry?. what are the chacterestics of HCLO4.


Explain the difference between hcl acid and hcl gas?


Practically why we get negative absorption in UV SPECTROPHOTOMETER when the time of cleaning sample analysis. is negative absorption in Uv valid or not?


what is meaning of wet analysis.


What does stp stand for?


How does the molecular-level structure of these polymers influence their physical properties? : Polymer Chemistry


What is the number of protons in an atom?


Explain the function of a monosaccharide?


What are some of the polymers that you encounter every day? Describe their physical properties. : Polymer Chemistry


Explain the molar mass of chlorine?


Differentiate electroplating and electro less plating? : Electrochemistry Corrosion