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Claris Lifesciences Interview Questions
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Explain the personnel functions that you have been responsible for?

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Tell us about a situation in which you took the extra step for a patient.


what is the means of stress

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Optical Rotation*0.9477*100*200] Assay Of dextrose= ________________________________ 99.8* 200 why Factor=0.9477

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what is the safety of ACB & VCB and how can this work and how can the service the ACB & VCB parts name with picture

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I have created COST CENTER XXXX for Company Code XXXX. Again created Another Company Code ABCD, How to Copy Cost Center from XXXX to ABCD

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why water factor is near about 5.0 in kf titration?

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what is use in calibration of conductivitimeter?

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what are the safety in transformer,diesel generator,ups, chiller plant,h.t. , L.t. , sewage treatment plant(stp),water treatment plant(wtp), fire. plz ans. me in detail if you know any of the mention above. i urgently need

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what are the ideal conditions for coloumn storage

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in HPLC injection volume is increase ,R.T will increase ?

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