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how calibrate the hplc detector

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how calibrate the hplc detector..

Answer / m.sivalingeswara rao

Hplc detector calibration to be done to know the acuracy of
the emitted light wave length to the set value as well as
to check the sensitivity of the detecotr to respond with
the concentration of analyte.
To check accuracy generally caffeine solution is used
because it shows maxima and minima at particular wave
lengths(i.e maxima at 206nm,273nm and Minima at 241nm,in
this range we can check accuracy of lamp emitted light).
Sensitivity by permorming linearity test with different
concetration of caffeine solution.
Reproducibility by injecting the replicate injection of
Caffeine solution and measuring the %RSD of the responses

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how calibrate the hplc detector..

Answer / samba siva reddy.p

detector checking with caffiene soln bcz caffiene have 2 max and 1 minima wavelenths,we inject std stock soltn(caffiene soln) with diffrent wavelengths.
201 to 209= 205(maxima)
241 to 249=245(minima)
269 to277=275(maxima)
limits+ or -2

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