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Glenmark Interview Questions
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what is redox potential of an organic compound?

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I required rrb pharmacist model papers

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what is the diffirence between deviation and change control? at what situations we can raise the deviation and change control

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What is Potential Impurities?

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How precise should be the linearity in HPLC method validation?

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what should be the precision during technology transfer?

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What is difference between method validation and Verification?

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If you have given an unknown compound how you develope a hplc analysis method for anlysis?

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Why Methanol used in KF Titration?

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how can we decide the limit of cleaning validation? What is the criteria for it?

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what is separation techniques.

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in determination of(acetone) moister content we are using methanol replaced by pyredine.what hapend in that reaction.

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How do we fix the sample concentaryion in hplc method development. what is the basis?Thanks in advance

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company give 3% but distributer asking 5% how to handel

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What is the solvent/material used to balance spirit level in analytical balance?

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