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Ph meter can show more than 14 ph reading? Why ph range in between 1 to 14 only?

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We use hicrome 10 cxs column in hplc analysis....pls tell me.. what is the meaning of 10 cxs?

0 Answers  

what is mean by profiling of dissolution

1 Answers  

What is the difference between kf  and LOD

5 Answers   Enaltec Labs,

In specificity what parametrs are consider why that parametrs

2 Answers  

why should we calibrate pH meter with 4,9.2 and 7.4 buffers particularly?

5 Answers   Celon Labs,

What is the defination of Bulk density?

4 Answers   Dr Reddys,

why we are using hexane in calibration of number of drop per mL

0 Answers  

How to do regeneration of Metacarb Pb plus column?

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What is the correct way to digest milk powder to get the corrrect value of Fe and Zinc?

1 Answers  

which effect is mainly responsible for chromatographic separation when silica is the statinary phase at TLC? thanks in advance

1 Answers  

what is the general mechanism of high performance liqiud chromatography?

7 Answers   Ajanta Pharma, Amneal Pharmaceuticals,

How would you decide dissolution medium for NCE compound of class I drug

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