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Orchid Interview Questions
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what do you mean by fixed asset?

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Where does Recruitment end and Selection begin?


could u send me the model papers available for drug inspector exam.

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Why we use holmium oxide,perchloric acid for uv/vis calibration

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whats diffeence between dcs & scada operation.

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what is the purpose of vector group in a transformer ? if 2 tranaformers r connected in parallel the vector group is same or not? for parallel operation 2 transformers of different manufacturers maintain same vector group or not?

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Why caffeine as a reference standard used for calibration of HPLC?

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what is relationship between absorption and transmittance in u.v.?

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Why using Holmium oxide in UV calibration

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How can be set a responds factor for evaluating a unknown impurity by HPLC


full name of OOS & OOT ? Dercribe it with details ? why this is needed in pharma industry ?

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what is dead time in hplc?

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what is the significant of pH in HPlc?

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Explain about Low pressure gradient and High Pressure gradient systems in HPLC?

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HPLC Calibration was done in Reverse Phase, but not in normal phase why explain?

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