Can Anyone suggest the Standards (IEC or IS) for selecting copper current density?

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what are the importance of earthing?list different types of earthing.

1 Answers  

Why 30kw 40 hp 4 pole 3ph induction motor over heated?any steps on reduction in heat?

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how can u do the earthing of an aeroplane?

5 Answers  

What is harmonics. How does it get generated and means to arrest harmonics

8 Answers   Airtel,

what is the use of reactive power

3 Answers  

IF i have switchgear with busbar current rating of 1000Amp 35kA then is it necessary to have outgoing breaker kA rating to be equal to busbar kA rating?

6 Answers   L&T,

WTA used cb?

0 Answers   Tagros,

why tertiary winding is used in transformer with diagram?

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why dimmerstate always connected in star connection? what will happen if it connected in delta?

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What is the work of IGBT in ups?

2 Answers  

Draw SLD feeding from the SS up to distribution board of the load, calculate cable size, breaker sizes, and meter for the following case: Ground Floor: electric room, pump room, 5 shops, each is 15 KW First Floor: 5 shops, each is 15 KW Second Floor: showroom 30 KW Service Loads: water pump 3 KW (3ph) , fire pump 3 KW (3ph), and one DB service 12 KW (3ph).

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explain with the help of loading capability curve,reactive power generation and absorption from synchronous generator?

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