what is the difference between MCCB and SFU in terms of their

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what is the difference between MCCB and SFU in terms of their application?..

Answer / monty

Fristly understand
MCCB- module case circuit breaker & SFU- switch fuse unit

SFU- it is a combination of a fuse and isolator

MCCB-it is just like a MCB(miniature circuit breaker) but there is a small difference we can vary the range of MCCB means if you have 100A mvvb than you can use it for less than 100 A also but in MCB it is not possible so we can say that MCCB is a variable fuse.

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what is the difference between MCCB and SFU in terms of their application?..

Answer / dev

can we replace switch fuse unit with MCCB

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