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Tata Teleservices Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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why do you left your previous job?

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The words ?Satyameva Jayate? in the State Emblem of India were taken from (a) Upanishads (b) Samaveda (c) Rigveda (d) Ramayana

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If the remote server network or NIC get fails means how to control that remote server without any human interruption? What is the tool is used for connect the remote server?

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what is SDH and PDH relate the differences between them?

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which is best technique among CDMA & GSM

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what is difference between xdm-50/100/300/500/1000/2000 & all bg-20/40/30 in eci mux.

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how did u spent your college life?

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what is the difference between MCCB and SFU in terms of their application?

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Tell us how do you discharge your duties in your duty post



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Tata Teleservices Interview Questions
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