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Magna Infotech Interview Questions
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What is the diff. b/w Basline and Tracability matrix?

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In DHTML what is the difference between FontSize and Font Size ?

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Is form beans are serializable or not?

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How to connect the remote desktop using QTP 9.2 explain the method or procedure?


what is runout? how it is measure? which is the refrence?

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how to differntiate the cis and trans isomers of CO(NH3)4(SCN)2+ complex by electronic specra?

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how will you handle two very important companies at the same time same day?


How do you define failure?

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what are all the versions of cognos and cognos8 as well as mention all the advantages nd disadvantages in cognos8 versions. any one plz answer this question.


i have a table like empid ename year month sal 1 x 98 jan 500 1 x 98 feb 500 1 x 98 mar 500 1 x 99 jan 600 1 x 99 feb 600 2 y 98 jan 600 2 y 98 feb 600 2 y 98 mar 600 2 y 99 jan 700 2 y 99 jan 700 and so on i want to find out totsal for every emp on year wise plz help me

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What is difference between concentricity & coaxiality for giving the geometrical tolerences?

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in intervew they asked me u have done project in finance & y u want to do job in hr.plz msil me the ans.nd what is hr main defination of hr.


what is Gratuity? why it is deducted ?

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Magna Infotech Interview Questions
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