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Magna Infotech Interview Questions
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What is the diff. b/w Basline and Tracability matrix?

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In DHTML what is the difference between FontSize and Font Size ?

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Is form beans are serializable or not?

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How to connect the remote desktop using QTP 9.2 explain the method or procedure?


what is runout? how it is measure? which is the refrence?

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how to differntiate the cis and trans isomers of CO(NH3)4(SCN)2+ complex by electronic specra?

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how will you handle two very important companies at the same time same day?


How do you define failure?

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what are all the versions of cognos and cognos8 as well as mention all the advantages nd disadvantages in cognos8 versions. any one plz answer this question.


i have a table like empid ename year month sal 1 x 98 jan 500 1 x 98 feb 500 1 x 98 mar 500 1 x 99 jan 600 1 x 99 feb 600 2 y 98 jan 600 2 y 98 feb 600 2 y 98 mar 600 2 y 99 jan 700 2 y 99 jan 700 and so on i want to find out totsal for every emp on year wise plz help me

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What is difference between concentricity & coaxiality for giving the geometrical tolerences?

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in intervew they asked me u have done project in finance & y u want to do job in hr.plz msil me the ans.nd what is hr main defination of hr.


what is Gratuity? why it is deducted ?

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Hi gurus, what is the critcal issue that you have faced during the support project? how did you resolve this issue. explain in step by step process/ kindly suggest me how to answer this question?


Rate yourself from 1-10 what would you give and why? If you had won 1 billion dollars at the lottery or at the casino,where would you like to spend the rest of it except for volunteer works or in charities?


How to get Table data subset through IProvider ?


Error in the phase import_proper while applying support packages?


What are the other tables created for master data?


hi friends i am b-tech in computer science having interview of State bank of india clerk day on 30 th april. I want to know the answer of question:"you r in C.S. why do u want to become a bank clerk?" please help.Its my humble request.


how to choose cable size with respect to load? how to convert cable size in mm2 to


Is the Access Engine and Visual Basic Pro good enough for database work?


What is the key role of a new regional manager in a pharmaceuticals company and how he will manage his people effectively?


What are the Internet tools available in VB 6.0?


Which standard we are following earthing resistance test


How we can come to know the substation range,without go through any name plate ?


In workflow how can we send a notification to the Supplier giving the Corresponding report Details.


"Tell me about a job that you found particularly satisfying. What did you like about it?


#define f(g,h) g##h main O int i=0 int var=100 ; print f ("%d"f(var,10));} wat would be the output??


Magna Infotech Interview Questions
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