what is the meaning and definition about the human resouces

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what is the meaning and definition about the human resouces..

Answer / jebin

The division of a company that is focused on activities
relating to employees. These activities normally include
recruiting and hiring of new employees, orientation and
training of current employees, employee benefits, and
retention. Formerly called personnel.

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what is the meaning and definition about the human resouces..

Answer / bapi adhikary

Human Resource is one of the most important function of an
organization like finance,Marketing,etc. Human resource
helps to achive the company's goal. And by the human
resource Management we can use the Manpower in a optimum
way. Besically the Human resource means Human Capital.

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what is the meaning and definition about the human resouces..

Answer / kishun mahto

the department or support systems responsible for personnel sourcing and hiring.applicant tracking.skills development and tracking.benefits administration and compliance with associated government regulation.

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what is the meaning and definition about the human resouces..

Answer / liz

Human resource pertains to the human capital of an
organization; namely, the manpower. Human resource is
considered the most significant asset of the organization
as the productivity component is attributable to the human
resource. The management of the human resources, in terms
of their co-ordination and activities pertaining to their
welfare, is termed as human resource management.

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what is the meaning and definition about the human resouces..

Answer / pravalika

HRM is defined as managing the functions like employing,compensating,developing, employees in the organasation and developing human relations

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what is the meaning and definition about the human resouces..

Answer / guest

is the head of the department in any organisation

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