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is it possible to flow a current between nutral and earth
in a circuit? although nutral and earth having same
potential diffrence?
if any body now any solid reason because i am getting a
triping problem in rcbo due to nutral and earth shorting???

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is it possible to flow a current between nutral and earth in a circuit? although nutral and earth ..

Answer / kj

The reason you are getting tripping of the RCBO is the way
the RCBO works.
The RCBO senses the current in the phase and neutral. As
long as these are balanced it will not trip. It is designed
to trip if there is an inbalance. This is usually a current
flow between the phase and earth which is then not returned
by way of the neutral.
When the is a short between the earth and the neutral it
provides a parallel circuit. Some of the current will flow
through the earth and some through the neutral as they are
now connected together on both sides of the RCBO. The RCBO
senses an inbalance because not all of the phase current is
flowing back thriough the neutral and it therefore trips.

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is it possible to flow a current between nutral and earth in a circuit? although nutral and earth ..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

If there is a loose connection in the neutral wire ,neutral
point gets shifted to the point of loose connection at the
incoming.Then there will be some voltage in the neutral wire
beyond it, resulting in flow of current when in contact with
the earth wire.

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