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What is the advantangeous over SFU (switch fuse Unit) & FsU
(Fuse Switch unit) which one is better & application of

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What is the advantangeous over SFU (switch fuse Unit) & FsU (Fuse Switch unit) which one is be..

Answer / pichumani

FSU is better than SFU. The fuse is totally isolated from
supply in off position. Can be mounted in any
configuration as incoming and outgoing can be connected on
either side. In SFU the incoming can be connected only to
the switch side and not on the fuse side.

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What is the advantangeous over SFU (switch fuse Unit) & FsU (Fuse Switch unit) which one is be..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

SFU- switch -fuse-load.So it is easier to replace fuse.FSU-
fuse-switch-load-so it is easier to replace or repair
switch In case of wall sockets FSU is better and in case of
distrbution box SFU is better

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