what is difference b/w tube and pipe ?

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what is difference b/w tube and pipe ?..

Answer / rameez_rz2000

we take the inner dia of tube and outer dia of pipe because
of paints or isolation on it

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what is difference b/w tube and pipe ?..

Answer / anand swami

tubes r those which is used for heat transfer in a heat
exchanger and pipe is one out side heat exhanger not used
for exchanging heat but used for transportation of fluid or gas

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what is difference b/w tube and pipe ?..

Answer / nadeem

tube out side dia count and pipe iternal dia count

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what is difference b/w tube and pipe ?..

Answer / ayaz

this is main difference
TUBE= when temperature high outer dia constant and inner dia expand
of tube
PIPE= pipe temperature high the inner dia constant and outer dia will be extended 

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what is difference b/w tube and pipe ?..

Answer / anp

tube inner dia vary for different pressure ratings. pipe outer dia vary for different pressure ratings

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what is difference b/w tube and pipe ?..

Answer / ashish gupta

Tube use for high pressure & Pipe use for low pressure
applications. in case of high pressure instrument hook-ups
are combination of tubes and pipes it is necessary.

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