What is transducer

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What is transducer..

Answer / sindhu

transducer is a device that converts a signal from one form to another.
like a lamp - converts electrical energy to light.
photo detectors etc....

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What is transducer..

Answer / mohd asif qureshi

A transducer is a device that converts one form of energy
to another. Energy types include (but are not limited to)
electrical, mechanical, electromagnetic (including light),
chemical, acoustic or thermal energy. While the term
transducer commonly implies the use of a sensor/detector,
any device which converts energy can be considered a
transducer. Transducers are widely used in measuring
Antenna – converts electromagnetic waves into electric
current and vice versa
Cathode ray tube (CRT) – converts electrical signals into
visual form
Fluorescent lamp, light bulb – converts electrical power
into visible light
Magnetic cartridge – converts motion into electrical form
Photodetector or photoresistor or light dependent resistor
(LDR) – converts changes in light levels into resistance
Tape head – converts changing magnetic fields into
electrical form
Hall effect sensor – converts a magnetic field level into
electrical form only
pH probes
Electro-galvanic fuel cell
Hydrogen sensor
Electromechanical (electromechanical output devices are
generically called actuators):
Electroactive polymers
Microelectromechanical systems
Rotary motor, linear motor
Vibration powered generator
Potentiometer when used for measuring position
Load cell – converts force to mV/V electrical signal using
strain gauge
Strain gauge
String potentiometer
Air flow sensor
Tactile sensor
Loudspeaker, earphone – converts electrical signals into
sound (amplified signal → magnetic field → motion → air
Microphone – converts sound into an electrical signal (air
pressure → motion of conductor/coil → magnetic field →
Pickup (music technology) – converts motion of metal
strings into an electrical signal (magnetism → electricity
Tactile transducer – converts electrical signal into
vibration ( signal → vibration)
Piezoelectric crystal – converts solid-state electrical
modulations into an electrical signal (vibration →
electrical current → signal)
Geophone – converts a ground movement (displacement) into
voltage (vibrations → motion of conductor/coil → magnetic
field → signal)
Gramophone pickup – (air pressure → motion → magnetic field
→ signal)
Hydrophone – converts changes in water pressure into an
electrical form
Sonar transponder (water pressure → motion of
conductor/coil → magnetic field → signal)
Laser diode, light-emitting diode – converts electrical
power into forms of light
Photodiode, photoresistor, phototransistor, photomultiplier
tube – converts changing light levels into electrical form
Resistance temperature detector (RTD)
Peltier cooler
Thermistor (includes PTC resistor and NTC resistor)
Geiger–Müller tube – used for measuring radioactivity
Receiver (radio)

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What is transducer..

Answer / mohd asif

Transducer, in general, is a device which converts non electrical quantity into electrical quantity.

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What is transducer..

Answer / syed azam hussain

[<Lat. Trans, across + ducere, to lead]
Devices to transform signals between different physical
Active: input signal modulates output energy; e.g.
liquid crystal display.
Passive: input signal transformed to output energy;
Bidirectional, e.g. motor/generator;
Unidirectional, e.g. photodiode

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