What is The Diff Between RFC & FM ? Urjent.

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What is The Diff Between RFC & FM ? Urjent...

Answer / prasanthi

RFC and FM are similar but the difference is RFC is remote
enabled function module means we can call RFC from any stack of SAP.
Suppose we made a FM using ABAP code and that FM is required to be used in application using SAP portals,in that case we make that FM remote enabled(then it becomes RFC) and we can call that RFC.
FM can be called only from R/3 whereas RFC allows for remote calls between two SAP Systems (R/3 or R/2) or between an SAP system and a non-SAP System.
We can pass values or references to FM whereas only values to RFC.

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What is The Diff Between RFC & FM ? Urjent...

Answer / ravi

RFC: The FM are globally Existed.
Normal FM: these are existed locally.
Both return values.

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What is The Diff Between RFC & FM ? Urjent...

Answer / ravi

An Remote Enabled FM is available all over the SAP
Landscape of the organisation, where as a general FM is
available only in the particluar system in which it is

Btw, whats that urgent yaar!

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What is The Diff Between RFC & FM ? Urjent...

Answer / basavaraj m

RFC is a remote enabled can connect to other sap system
with in the same GUI . its an RFC enabled FM . using RFC
you can access the data base of the other client data for
ex client 000 to client 800 you can upadte the data from
000 to 800.
Normal FM cant be connected to other systems. can be used
with the same client .

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