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CGI Interview Questions
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How will you invoke testdirector?That means how will you open TD and how will you log defects?

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Difference between HTML and DHTML?

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A farmer walks at constant speed on the perimeter of his rectangular field. it takes him twice the time to cover longer side than shorter side.if he walks total 300 m . then find out the area of field?

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How do you sort in a COBOL program? Give sort file definition, sort statement syntax and meaning.

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What is the difference between a contract and a scheduling agreement?

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What is the base cluster?

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What is the use of ISTQB certification? How many levels are there in the ISTQB? which certification is helpful for Test Engineers?

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What is E-R diagram ?

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What is CTS, CLS and CLR ?

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we r conduction testing on a project USING QTP, regarding that project the object repository is full ? Till that project having objects that r not recognised by repository, then what wil you do? How we wil recogine remailning objects? Is it possible to maintain another shared(or)peraction repository? what is the maximum capcity of object repository? How the technical people decide this much object repository is enoughf for this project?

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How u prepare Test result summary in QTp?

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What are the default Oracle triggers??

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why we use sql server in webapplication

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ORA-29861: domain index is marked LOADING/FAILED/UNUSABLE

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I have a sequential file. How do I access a record in this sequential file randomly in my program ?

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CGI Interview Questions

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