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Xansa Interview Questions
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I have recorded a test over web application(with IE6.0) in analog mode. But, while running it my test gets failed. Why? (Note: my systray has 3 open web applications)

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What is the difference between comp and comp-3 usage? Explain other COBOL usage?s.

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When you do a START, what will the value of EIBCALEN?

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What is the use of DSECT parameter in BMS?

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What is an AEY9 abend ?

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What is an AICA abend?

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If we hire you, and then another company will offer you more money - what will you do?

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How can a mainframe application be tested using Automation tools. I mean which is the best tool to do Mainframe testing?

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What is Electronics Engineering how to become a good Electronic Engineer and which company to approach in India (Bangalore)

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tel me abt ur self

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Can anyone tell me that yahoo messenger is a web-based application or a windows based application???

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Can anyone listout major scenarios for a payment submission web page???

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Written Test And Interview With Xansa Mar 2007

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What are the three important methods for foreign exchange?

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clasification of accounts

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