MainFrame Interview Questions
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Why there is no questions in this column?

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What is a GDG


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What is the different ways to initiate a task?

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why occurs clause not mentioned in 01 level

Tesco, HCL, TCS, NIIT,

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How to resolve the soc4 and soc7 errors?


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what is the process of precompiler?

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What is buffrpool? Where we use it ?


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what is Runstats? Whem will u choose to runatats?


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what is REORG? what is the use?

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What is binary search?

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What is the difference between PIC 9.99 and 9v99?

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What is the difference between index and subscript?


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What is SET TO TRUE all about, anyway?

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What is COMP-1? COMP-2?


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What is difference between COBOL and VS COBOL II?.

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what is *place and *auto keyword in prtf ?plz explain


If anyone has latest IBM Certification Dumps can you pls forwards it to me


what is the use of outrecord?


Our issue is there seems to be a disconnect, or no link, between our SELECT statement and our SD. We had SELECT SORT-FILE and SELECT SORT-FILE ASSIGN TO SORTWRK. ASSIGN TO SORTWRK1 SORTWRK2 SORTWRK3 SORTWRK4. with SD SORT_FILE RECORD CONTAINS 7833 CHARACTERS. In either case, at run time, the system ignored our SORTWRK# DD statements and allocated 16 sort works with the SORTWK## naming convention. Any ideas why the system does not recognize the connection? We do not even need the SORTWRK DD statements. Thanks


System Testing for Mainframe Developers What is System Testing? integration testing ? what's the procedure ..


Which command can you use to check for the number of records in a physical file?


Have you used comp and comp-3 in your project? And how?


Program A (Normal COBBAT) calling a B Program (DB2COBOL, COBBATDB which is using a VSAM file. its a dynamic call. How we will handle VSAM file decleration in our from JCL from where we are running A PGM. And should we have PLAN for A pGM also. if possible can some one post a sample JCL. Thanks for help in advance.


How IBM framework work?


please..could u give an example about USAGE IS POINTER ..and explain why and when we use it ?


How to move a field DT 9(8) of input file to DT 9(8) COMP-3 in output file in ezytrieve? in the output file entire dt is not moved.If any answer plz reply as soon as possible.


How is Telon(CA-Telon) used to build map?


When a COBOL-DB2 program in PRODUCTION is updating main tables and gone for long run, what have to do?


what is the resolution for sb37 error


How can you validate Sql errors during cursor operation in db2 pgms and where do you code?