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what is adabas? Can u point me to a resource so I can study up for an interview?

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how will you the specification of database file ?

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If i have updated few fields of Adabas file using UPDATE command, and after that i used display to see that field get updted or not. If in Display it showing nothng or record did not get updated then what can be the possible reasons?

Satyam, TCS,

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What is the significance of DBID used in Adabs?

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What is an Associator in ADABAS?

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How can we initialize a variable which is a constant in a LDA. Suppose I want to declare a variable #a N1(1:7) having constant values as 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7 for respective occurance then how can we do that?


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what is the difference between Null compression and default compression?

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There is subprogram and which is used in more then 200 modules. when we made changes to subprogram is it required to RESTOW all the main programs? If YES means how i can restow all 200 main programs at a time.


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how to update asingle record in adabas? by using GET, can we do a single record updation?


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Difference between Find and Read operation in ADABAS file.


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