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what is a cataloged procedure ?

what is a cataloged procedure ?..

Answer / shakila vinayagam

A procedure that you catalog in a library is called a
cataloged procedure.

A cataloged procedure may consist of these JCL statements:
INCLUDE, OUTPUT JCL, and SET. Optionally, a cataloged
procedure can begin with a PROC statement and end with a
PEND statement. If coded, PROC must be the first statement
in the procedure.

The library containing cataloged procedures is a
partitioned data set (PDS) or a partitioned data set
extended (PDSE). The system procedure library is
SYS1.PROCLIB. The installation can have many more procedure
libraries with different names. You can also have
procedures in a private library. The name of a cataloged
procedure is its member name or alias in the library.

When a cataloged procedure is called, the calling step
receives a copy of the procedure; therefore, a cataloged
procedure can be used simultaneously by more than one job.

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