Natural Interview Questions
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What is Natural?


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syntax for all WRITE COMMAND in natural language

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what is the difference between read and find ?


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Types Of Read , FIND

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difference between fetch , call and callnat


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control variable in online screens

Mind Tree,

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ADABAS basic concepts. Like inverted list, address converter ,data storage


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What exactly is a hyperdescriptor? How does it work?

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what r the quality process in development

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How can I create 1 DDM that fetches 3 ADABAS files simultaneously?

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A field declared as P8 needs to be redefined as Alphanumeric. What would be its new size?

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Is it possible to declare a GDA for an external subroutine?

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Can we update with histogram?

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difference between read(1) and read work file once ?

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differnce between read work file 1 and read work file once? why we are using work file once?

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Tell me can we update with histogram?


Suppose you are processing an input file in a natural program and you want the program to fail if the file is empty. What command you use in natural to force it to fail?


Explain the address converter?


Define cobol coding sheet?


Explain difference between read(1) and read work file once?


Explain how to ftp the natural program to desktop? (From mainframe to pc), is it possible?


In a Natural program i used the below code for report FORMAT LS=132 PS=60 And down the line I want to change either LS/PS like FORMAT LS=120 PS=50, is it possible? How it will work?


Explain is it possible to code goto statement in natural? If yes please provide the syntax of the same?


Explain how many work file we can code in jcl?


Explain how are you going to remove duplicates from the file that is being read?


How to receive data passed through jcl parm parameter in a natural program?


Explain adabas basic concepts. Like inverted list, address converter ,data storage?


Explain what happens when you issue a escape routine in a program? Will there be any compilation /run time erro?


How to create 1 ddm that fetches 3 adabas files simultaneously?


How to find occurrence of mu and pe fields in a file?