IBM MainFrame Interview Questions
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Why there is no questions in this column?

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What is a GDG


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What is the different ways to initiate a task?

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why occurs clause not mentioned in 01 level

Tesco, HCL, TCS, NIIT,

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How to resolve the soc4 and soc7 errors?


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what is the process of precompiler?

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What is buffrpool? Where we use it ?


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what is Runstats? Whem will u choose to runatats?


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what is REORG? what is the use?

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What is binary search?

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What is the difference between PIC 9.99 and 9v99?

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What is the difference between index and subscript?


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What is SET TO TRUE all about, anyway?

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What is COMP-1? COMP-2?


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What is difference between COBOL and VS COBOL II?.

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I would like to know some real time questions.. please any one help me.. If the changes made by you .. lead to system inconsistency how others will know its cause???


by using xpeditor if we want to debug the subpgm, how can you code in x-ped for mai-pgm n sub-pgm ?


Is it rquired any server for Ibm framework? Give me list of Ibm framework & recent version IBm framework?


before altering a table is it necessary to lock ? if lock what is it ? how to do ? ifi want to lock a table what is that command ?


I understand Join always perform better than subqueries. Then what is the advantage/use of Subqueries/correlated subqueries etc.,in DB2 programming.Please explain.


which is Best IBM Mainframe Training and Placement Institute in Ameerpet Hyderabad


When a COBOL-DB2 program in PRODUCTION is updating main tables and gone for long run, what have to do?


how do u conduct impact analysis?


How do you write from PL/1 code to JCL?


If JOBA is in MSGW due to data decimal error and DUMP is generated and I found that Decimal field formatted with some special char which is coming from Input file amd file has millions of records. How I can find out on which record the error is occur. Please share your experience.....


I have a subprogram B calling from mainprogram A.I have opened a cursor in A ,Can i fetch the same cursor in subprogram B , If yes , Please explain the reason?


If anyone has latest IBM Certification Dumps can you pls forwards it to me


Can you please let me know the centre name of INS certification in Kolkata.


can you please let me know if there is any walkins for COBOL/PLI/DB2/IMS/JCL in pune other than IBM and ITC infotech


Mainframe project required Postby mache123 ยป Thu Jan 29, 2009 9:10 pm hello..... I want to know about some real time projects.If any one have any Mainframes project, please provide me documentation of it Or else give me the link where can I find that Mainframes projects with Documentation...... or suggest me any if......please