IBM MainFrame Interview Questions
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Why there is no questions in this column?

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What is a GDG


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What is the different ways to initiate a task?

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why occurs clause not mentioned in 01 level

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How to resolve the soc4 and soc7 errors?


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what is the process of precompiler?

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What is buffrpool? Where we use it ?


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what is Runstats? Whem will u choose to runatats?


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what is REORG? what is the use?

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What is binary search?

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What is the difference between PIC 9.99 and 9v99?

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What is the difference between index and subscript?


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What is SET TO TRUE all about, anyway?

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What is COMP-1? COMP-2?


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What is difference between COBOL and VS COBOL II?.

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Un-Answered Questions { IBM MainFrame }

What is 'mounting' of volumes ? Is there anything that a programmer can do in it ? How to find currently mounted volume ?


My IMS main progam is calling Db2 subroutine ...Its giving - 923 db2 sql could any one tell how to solve this issue.


in options (main) , what is meaning of main . if u not used main what will happen? After compiling, os will not understand where to load and execute from


how do u start your process after conducting impact analysis ?


How to Clear a Query Using the RESET Command ?


can anybody post me about file-aid and changemen tools pls and give me reference if any mainframe guys are there


What are the pertinent COBOL


1) SORT FIELDS=(20,4,CH,D,10,3,CH,D) OUTREC FIELDS=(7:20,4,C' FUTURE ',20,2,10,3,1Z,1,9,13,7, 24,57,TRAN=LTOU,6X'FF') This example illustrates how a fixed-length input data set can be sorted and reformatted for output. The SORTIN LRECL is 80 bytes. The reformatted output records are fixed length with a record size of 103 bytes. SOLRF (the IBM-supplied default) is in effect, so unless the SORTOUT LRECL is specified or available, it will automatically be set to the reformatted record length of 103. in the above example i have some doubts that a) sort fields=(20,4,CH,D,10,3,CH,D) -what exactly it does and this fields related to output record fields or input record fields b)outrec used to refprmat the records after sorting that means could please reply me as soon as possible Thanks. Venkat


How to Build a Row Condition?


What is the advantages of using IDMS compared to other database systems?


How to Get Information About the Tables?


How to define a array dynamically.....


What do we mean by 'Virtual storage' for a dataset and for a JOBSTEP ? What is the significance of the following statement for a programmer 'Virtual storage results in program addresses being independent of the addresses that actually exist in a computer' ?


suppose program A is calling program B, at a time A will send 100 records but it has to send 500 records. how it will possible?


is it compulsory commitment control in journal?