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Logica CMG Interview Questions
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How does winrunner evaluates test results?

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How can you do debugging in winrunner?

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How do you run your sciripts in Win Runner?

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What is the use of the Test Director software?

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What are the reasons Winrunner fails to identify an object in the GUI?

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what is the diff. Between GUI_unload() and GUI_close()?

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What is the purpose of temp. GUI map file?

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Where are the expected results will be stored?

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Adhoc testing is advisable for every project?

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Tell me some of the test cases for Notepad Application?

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If Technical manager is not addressing to bugs while releasing the project , then how u can treat that bugs? b.closed c.pending 4.deffered

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Negative testcases for salary application..

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Due to shutdown failure, one application is not running then what type of testing do u perform? Load testing or stress testing or recovery testing ?

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find the odd man out in below testing techniques. a.loadtesting b.stress testing c.recovery testing d.integration testing also tell me why?

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Trace to customer requirements - what type of testing it is.. a.tracebility testing b.white-box testing c.block box testing d.regression testing

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Logica CMG Interview Questions

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