VSAM Interview Questions
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What is the difference between CI( Control Interval)and CA (Control Area)?

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In vsam why we use export-import utility?

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What is the maximum no. of records that can be allowed in VSAM ?

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How do you convert flat files to VSAM files ?


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What is the maximum record length for the VSAM dataset?


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What is the procedure for running the batch job in mainframe?

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What do you mean by dirty read ?

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What do you mean by RDW in VSAM?

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While designing vsam files,what is the best way to choose control interval size for the data and the index?

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How vsam datasets are cataloged?

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What are the types of VSAM datasets?


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How are records stored in an ESDS, entry sequenced dataset?


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What is a CI, control interval?

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What are the distinctive features of a ksds, key sequenced dataset?

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What is a CA, control area?

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name a few common vsam status codes?


is it slower if you access a record through alternative index as compared to primary index?


what is meant by s0c-07 system abend codes?


what are the codes returned by the ams (access method services) command during the execution in vsam?


OPEN INPUT StudentFile READ StudentFile AT END SET EndOfStudentFile TO TRUE END-READ PERFORM UNTIL EndOfStudentFile DISPLAY StudentId SPACE StudentName SPACE CourseCode SPACE YOBirth READ StudentFile AT END SET EndOfStudentFile TO TRUE END-READ END-PERFORM CLOSE StudentFile STOP RUN what will be output


what are the different types of vsam files available? Explain them


is delete operation supported in an esds? Is rewrite operation possible in esds?


what do you mean by the cobol record key clause in vsam?


in a cobol select statement for a ksds can you tell me what are the 3 possibilities for access?


what are the additional information you should give in the dd statement while defining the next generation of a gdg?


in a cobol select statement, can you tell what is the organization for a ksds?


what will happen if there is no secondary allocation made for datasets?


how do you define an altindx ? How do you use altindxs in batch, cics programs?


explain the differences between vsam and non-vsam files


difference between vsam and database tables