IMS Interview Questions
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What do you know about DBD gen?

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What is a key field in an IMS database?

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What is the physical nature of a database called?

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What is the limitation on the no. of levels in a DL/I database?

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How many PCB?s can be coded within a PSB?


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What are common status codes that you come across?


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How man key fields and search fields can a segment have?

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which is the first statement in COBOL-IMS programs?

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Define DBD?

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Define the terms Parent & Child.

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What is secondary indexing?

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What are Twins?

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What are the parameters used in CBLTDLI call?


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Is it necessary that the key field in a Dl/I database be unique?

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what are the control blocks in IMS ?

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Define acb?


What is a segment in ims?


Explain dbdgen process?


What is the advantage of creating the acbs well ahead of time?


What is meant by mpp mode?


What is bmp mode?


Define psb?


how to create a changeman read only audit and update only audit Specifications for the Read only Audit 1) Read HFFD database unqualified. 2) Read FDRT, FDDM, FDAP segments. If FDAP-APP-STS is ‘2’ read the FDAV segment and get the FDAV segment which has FDAV-APV-OPTION as ‘X’ If FDAP-APP-STS is ‘5’ read the HFAC database. Read the ACRT segment qualified based on the key obtained from the FDAP segment from HFFD database. Conditions for writing into output file: a. App Type should be NEWR b. App Status should be 1, 2 & 5. c. Write 50 records per app status. For e.g. first 50 records for App status 1, 2 & 5 each The output file should contain the following fields from the database FDRT-COMP-CTRY-CODE X(03). FDRT-CUST-ID-NUM X(10) FDDM-DEM-SEQ-NUM X(01) FDAP-APP-SEQ X(02) FDAP-JNT-IND X(01) FDAP-APP-STS X(01) FDAV-APV-OPTION X(01) FDAV-APV-DT X(06) FDAV-APV-AMT X(07) ACRT-ACCT-NUM X(06) ACRT-SEG-BUS-TYPE X(02) ACRT-NM1-LAST X(19) ACRT-NM1-SS X(09) ACRT-NM1-1ST X(12) ACRT-NM1-INIT X(01) ACRT-NM1-SFX X(03) ACRT-NM1-TITLE X(02) PSB – DVAN2BMP In case you get a GE for any of the conditions, write to output file along with the details of the database segment which was not found. We need to complete this whole process by tomorrow. Run the audit in DLI mode. 2) Sort the output file created in step 1 on Cust ID, Dem Seq & App Seq. Specifications for the Update Audit 3) Take the output of step 2 as input for an update audit. Details are as follows: Read each record & check the app status. If app status is less than 2 then update the FDAP-NEW- MONEY-ENT to $25000.00 PSB - AUDBMPJ The job would be a BMP job. The test job would be run in IMSE region. Note - The proc (which will be called by the job) and the job should also be present in the change-man package itself. You’ll have a test job in your PDS along with overrides to execute the program in test regions. The job would be a DLI job. The test job would be run in IMSE region. It’ll have the following steps. 1) Delete-define output and error files. 2) Use a copybook for the output layout.


Explain acbgen process?


What is ims (db/dc)?


Which languages does ims support / application program languages?


What is the need of a secondary index in IMS?


What is an ims database?


What is hierarchical database?


What are the processing modes available in ims db?