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this is a very repetive question but i realy cant answer
this question y should we take u in our college/company

this is a very repetive question but i realy cant answer this question y should we take u in our c..

Answer / neha patkar

Sir/Mam, I've got to know about ur company/college through
its website that you hire or look for the people who are
genuine, hardworking, and performance oriented along with
in accordance with the core values of ur organisation.
.... therefore, It was always my dream to work with an
organisation who repect and enhances the skills of its
employees... as i m an effective team player and truly goal
oriented person.
so its an opportunity for me today to convey my views
through this interview that I am a person who can really
work hard to make ur organisation proud.(never beg)

(This is quite elaborated answer.. u can add more or cut
short it.. understanding the nature of the interviewer. and
ya guys.. even if u dnt knw anything bout the company as
such..but project in such a positive way that interviewr
can nevr deny ur facts...even he will wonder on

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