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Diffrectiate between earthing and neutral

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Diffrectiate between earthing and neutral..

Answer / dipak patil

Earthing means to "to make the potential of the
system/device/network to the earth potential ie to zero

Neutral is the "point or node of the three phase circuit
where Kirchoff's current laws satisfied". Example Y-
connected three phase winding of transformer/generator.

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Diffrectiate between earthing and neutral..

Answer / surya

earthing & neutral both are grounding electrode but in case
of earthing always the potential be zero but in case of
neutral the potential is truely dependent on either the
load is balanced or not.if unbalanced load than somevoltage
must present in neutral wire.again we use earthing as
neutral for load but the condition is the resistance of
earthing must be low or on zero potential.

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Diffrectiate between earthing and neutral..

Answer / dolly prasad


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Diffrectiate between earthing and neutral..

Answer / sentu

earthing is used to make the system, body of some electrical
equipment to zero potential so that that parts always remain
at zero potential that save operating personnel during any
fault,for all the consumer there is as earthing point that
carries current to ground only during insulation fault.
and nutral is that which the point in a network or circuit
where the potential is assumed to be at zero potential
during normal operation but it is not connected to ground....

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Diffrectiate between earthing and neutral..

Answer / arvind panchal

Earthing:means to "to make the potential of the
system/device/network to the earth potential ie to zero

Neutral: Neutral is a returning path of phase,or Neutral is
a point or node where three phase are connected though
balance load condition it zero potential free point.

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Diffrectiate between earthing and neutral..

Answer / shal

Earth is used to protect qupiments and human body Neutral is used for to complete the circuit and to get return path but neutral is coming from secondary side of the distribution system.Neutral is earthd at secondary side

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