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what is main reason for grid earthing for any industry

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what is main reason for grid earthing for any industry..

Answer / s m

By making grid of individual pits all the Individual pits
are connected parallel to each other . This reduces the
Equivalent Resistance to less than 1 . Generally in 0.1 ohm
or 0.2 Ohm range only. So this is done to improve the
effectiveness of the Earthing system.

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what is main reason for grid earthing for any industry..

Answer / prasad

simple answer machine safety as well as man human safety....

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what is main reason for grid earthing for any industry..

Answer / deepak24

Grid earthing is the interconnection of all the equipments or machines in industry and earth wells by earth wires which protect the all system by any leakage of current. Also it protects from humen danger.

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what is main reason for grid earthing for any industry..

Answer / antarjyami behera

For protect switch gear equipment of grid .

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