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Are generator action and motor action relates to a
particular machine only?

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Are generator action and motor action relates to a particular machine only?..

Answer / sudheer

the above said answer is correct and brief explanation is:
IN motor generating action takes place and the generated
emf is what we call as bacf emf which is opposite to given
supply.Even though it is opposite it is advantageous as it
makes motor self governing that is if load increases speed
decreases back emf decreases and load increases to satisfy
load demand same way it decreases load current if load

In generator motoring action takes place and torque
produced is called electromagnetic torque which is in
opposite direction to rotation of prime mover.But we rotate
prime mover with speed greater than electromagnetic torque
hence motoring action takes place predominantly.

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Are generator action and motor action relates to a particular machine only?..

Answer / iamdon

Both generating action and motoring action happens in
either machine irrespective of mode(motoring/generating).

Generator action is not limited to generator only, it also
happen in motor.
Like wise motor action is not limited to motor only, it
also happen in generator.

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