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Why the stator is rotated in ceiling fans not Rator?

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Why the stator is rotated in ceiling fans not Rator? ..

Answer / bhadrappa

usually rotors are inside(rotating) and stator is outside in squirrel cage motors, but in case of ceiling fans constructionally same squirrel cage rotor is made as ring and kept out side to connect wings to rotate and stator is fixed is kept inside.

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Why the stator is rotated in ceiling fans not Rator? ..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

The rotating stator or armature is called ,the rotor.In
ceiling fan ,the rotating armature is outside to accommodate
large wings and to economize as the number of poles are more

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Why the stator is rotated in ceiling fans not Rator? ..

Answer / milinda4p

ya..i also think that right..there rotor has been brought
outside the stator

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