If anybody wrote AAI(ATC) exam please... post the questions
wat they asked in the exam... Definately it will be more
helpful for all the students in INDIA.

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If anybody wrote AAI(ATC) exam please... post the questions wat they asked in the exam... Definate..

Answer / balajanu85

I know some Questions???
Class A amplifiers(distortion or Bandwidth), Antenna
Formula, Nyquist, Linux(1 ques), K2-Highest mountain,
Marathan, Why Mumbai is more than chennai(forget), Books
and authors, President or Prime ministers(world), Modem,

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If anybody wrote AAI(ATC) exam please... post the questions wat they asked in the exam... Definate..

Answer / vinay chaurasiya

simple question were not very togh bt were tricky one witout
having prepration tough to solve ,GS question were a good
news papr review is requred.

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hi... if anybody wrote Airport Authority of India(ATC) examination.... pls kindly post the Questions wat they asked... specially in English & Reasonings.... it will useful to all others who are going to write AAI (Electronics) exam....

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