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  • Bata interview questions (6)

Bata Interview Questions
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Why don't you do this course in your country?

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Ginger is a stem and not a root because (a) It stores food material (b) It grows horizontally in the soil (c) It has nodes and internodes (d) It lacks chlorophyll

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how to connect oracle with java ? Give detail explanation.


How do you fix the credit limits of the customers (Distributors, Dealers)

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what do u mean by 3G?

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Tell me how did you spend your last weekend.

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In what scenario does the Logical file and Physical file being used?


I want two test two agents login for the flight website. Here is the scenario: I want to go through 1-3 rows for one user login and other user login I want to go though 3-5 rows. How would you set this up in qtp. Thank You


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Why are like to work in my company?


Hi Friends, Would be great if you can provide the Model Question paper, Web site link or any reference s. Thanks & Regards, Byzoor,


Suppose we have created a PO with qty 100 Ton and we have done MIGO with qty 99 Ton and after that we have MIRO 100 Ton. Interviewer asked me how can we load the difference qty balance of migo and miro (100-99=1ton) on material? please help regards sandeep.


What is the general power consumption rating of CPU CRT type and Flat type, Monitor,Printer, projector, Scanner?


What is identity mapper and reducer? In which cases can we use them?


Bata Interview Questions
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