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How do you reset circuit breaker?

How do you reset circuit breaker?..

Answer / anand

locate the service panel, nad to locate the tripped service breaker hre the where flsh light come in handly and flip the breaker to fully off position and then flip the breaker into fully on position

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What is the technical formula to calculate the load taken by a motor in Amperes ?

2 Answers  

What will happen if i used 11KV earth ht kit to 11 KV / 11 KV cable termination?

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What is Electrical Engineering?

13 Answers   L&T, NTPC, Wockhardt,

hi can anyone pls tell me the eee interview core questions asked in l&t

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Dear sir, In our plant have Station Transformer having capacity,i want to know, why LV side 40 - 40MVA is given? & how we can get 6.3 KV supply from tertiary(i.e. Open delta connection), Vector Group YNyn0 - yn0 +d MVA Rating 80MVA / 40 - 40MVA + 26.7MVA Voltage rating 420 (Tap range +6,to -10)81.25% /11.5KV - 11.5KV +6.3KV

0 Answers   Bhel,

Why fuse is? What will prevent by fuse?

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what is the function and use of oil filled cables specify its advantages and disadvantages

7 Answers   Alstom,

in single phase we get 220 volt and in three phase 4420 v why this second Ques= in case three phase star conection our neutrul becom disconect what happan 3 Q=== a three phase house load and have unbalce load on different pahse diffrent current eg phase a 7A b 8A c 5A and voltage is 440 than how calculate it total load in kw pl give formula thanks

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which one has maximum efficiency autotransformer or transformer?? and why??

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what is the UPS

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can we use ac ameter as dc ameter with ct

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A two-terminal variable resistor is known as a

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