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what are the objectives of HR?

what are the objectives of HR?..

Answer / naresh

objectives of hr:

1 Human Resource Function Efficiency
1.1 Employees per human resources personnel
1.2 Proportion of operating expense attributed to Human
Resources function

2 Compensation and Benefits
2.1 Total compensation cost/total revenue
2.2 Total benefits cost/total revenue
2.3 Number of salary grades/number of employees

3 Workforce Planning
3.1 Proportion of off-the-plan recruitment requests

4 Recruitment and Selection
4.1 Time to fill vacancies
4.2 Proportion of vacancies filled internally
4.3 Average time in job

5 Performance Management
5.1 Number of high performers/number of employees
5.2 Number of low performers/number of employees
5.3 Proportion of employee goals linked to strategy

6 Training and Development
6.1 Training days per employee
6.2 Proportion of knowledge and skills applied in the workplace
6.3 Proportion of teaching staff with doctorate

7 Industrial Relations
7.1 Lost-time to industrial disputation

8 Occupational Health and Safety
8.1 Lost-time injuries/number of employees

9 Organisational climate
9.1 Rate of absenteeism
9.2 Rate of voluntary separations
9.3 Climate survey score

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