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What is compliance and what is the procedure of statutory
compliance. Also can anybody send me the procedure for the
same purpose. Thanks and Regards,


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What are the governing principles under "reasonable accommodation"?

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why should i select you?

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what is 360 degree performance appraisal?

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How to find the positive perceptions among candidates about the company?

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Dear friends, what are the labour laws related to unorganisaed sector labours.

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7. What are your hobbies and interests? 8. Which is the last memorable book you have read? Please explain why it is memorable?

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I have done my MBA (HR) but also carrying experience in secretarial field. Which is the best way to change career path.

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Dear friend, this is sriram from hyderabad,m doing my MBA(HR). At present am in 3rd semester. How is the market for us? and which type of jobs are offered for a MBA(HR) fresher? And i would like to do a job in Manufacturing sector , please let me know the supportive courses for that. Thanks in advance Sriram Adluri +919866737620

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What did you like in your previous job?

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i have done M.S. in organic chemistry and now i got admission in M.B.A. (human resource management) for usa one sister is in london and another sister is in USA ,i am refused for visa becoz of them ,they said i won't come back after study.

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i am a mba professional,but i ve secured 59.5% in mba.will i get job in hr field ps tell me?

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In Your Opinion if Recruting is not downloading the Resume . If you have Ideal Job and in your Opinion Recruitment is not Downloading Resumes Then Lets Speak

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