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While connecting bulb in Series/Parallel,there is any
difference in glowing

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While connecting bulb in Series/Parallel,there is any difference in glowing..

Answer / rajeshsan

Yes there is difference.

1. While connecting the bulb in series the voltage drop between the circuit will be V1+V2, considering V as supply. It is like connecting two resistor in series.

2. But while connecting the bulb in parallel, the voltage across the each bulb are equal. say V1=V2=V.

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While connecting bulb in Series/Parallel,there is any difference in glowing..

Answer / iamdon

Consider this case with two identical bulbs.The resistance
(calculated by voltage squared diveded by power rating of
bulb) of ecah bulb will be same.

Lets the resistance of each bulb is R and the supply
voltage is V.

Power absorbed in series by one bulb=(V/2)*(V/2)/R=V*V/4R
Power absorbed in parallel by one bulb=(V*V)/R=V*V/R

Clearly, the bulb in parallel glow more.Thats why household
wiring are done in parallel mode.

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While connecting bulb in Series/Parallel,there is any difference in glowing..

Answer / s.sam jeba singh

In series connection total resistance for two bulbs R=
In parallel connection total resistance for two bulbs R=

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