Accenture Placement Paper

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Accenture Placement Paper..

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Accenture Placement Paper..

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Accenture Placement Paper

There are three sections.

Section 1-ENGLISH

1. In this section2 passages were there on basis of that u
have to answer 10 questions (5 question each ) First
passage was based on ball tempering by Indian team with mix
of lagan story .In this answer of first question was (Ball
tempering) the second passage was based on Gadar movie.
(same story).

II Synonyms:

1.Candid:ans frank
2.Specifaction :ans documentation
3. Extradite =deport
4. Cursory= scold
5. ----------= very high

III .fill up the blanks with proper word(5 questions) pick
the sentence which has grammatical mistake (5 questios).

Section IV-Verbal (20 questions)

Here few questions are from logical reasoning (eg.)(6
Sentences: ( type of question) (logical deductions)

1 i some cats are dog
ii no dog is lion
conclusion :
i some dogs are lion
ii some dog are cats
a only i follows
b either I or ii follows
c none follows

2 Questions on +means *, %mean -, etc..
answers of those questions are4 and -20/3..

3 Letter series example aabb-abda?bbaa this type one
question a question of this type
4. find the next term in AM ,BA ,JM like this



1. It has 20 mixutre conatins mil and water in the ratio
3:5,replace 4 litres of mixture with 4 litres of water what
the final ratio of milk and water.
2. + means * and * means / and / means % what is the value
of these questio 2+3*5/7 it was two question of
these type.
3. The equivalent compound ratio of 5:6::7:10::6:5 (
question of this type this is not exact question).
4. Work can be done by 8 men and 10 women in 25 days, the
same work can be done by 10 children and 5 women . in how
many days 2 children and 3 men (similar to this)
5. One man or two women or three boys can do a work in 44
days then one man, one women and one boy together can
fininsh the same work in ---- dyas
6. (998-1)(998-2)(998-3)????..(998-n)=------- when
n>1000ans is zero
7. In how many ways can a lock be opened if that lock has
three digit number lock if
i) The last digit is 9
ii) and sum of the first two digits is less than or equal
to the last digit. numbers are from 0-9
8. If a man reduces the selling price of a fan from 400 to
380 his loss increases by 20% .cost price of fan is.

9. There are 76 persons. 53 can read hindu,46 can read
times,39 can read decca and 15 can read all.if 22 can read
hindu and deccan and 23 can read deccan and times then what
is the number of persons who read only times and hindu???
ans 18

10. In pure milk if 20% replaced by water and in this again
20% is replaced by water and again 20% is replaced by water
then what is the praportion of milk in that mixture.

11. After 10 years A will be twice the age of B before 10
years.and now if the difference is 9 years between them
then what is the age of B after 10 years ans 49
12. Races and games ---- 2 questions from this chapter like
(A beats B by 10 meters and B beats C by 15 metres the A
beats C by )
13. In the year 1990 there are 5000 men 3000 women 2000
boys .in 1994 men are increased by 20% women are increased
by ratio of boys and women (this type of question but some
what difficult I mean it takes too much time to solve)
better to go through the following chapters in both
Objective arithmetic and Quantitative Aptitude by RS
Aggarwal, ratio and praportion (4 questions), ages (3
ques ), races and games,time and distance ,time and work,


For GD

Per team 8 members and they tell us to choose a topic of
ourown interest The topics we faced are Advantages
and disadvantages of Internet Betting in cricket should
legalized or not Education system in India A discussion on
Iraq and America war After finishing the GD you will be
given a form.


This interview was conducted for 1 year or more exp. guys
in C++.

1) Firstly he asked me about the project and i was
thoroughly grilled.
2)Then he asked to list the various types of storage
classes and asked me to explain the scope & lifetime
of each one.. (Auto,Static,Register,Extern,and also mutable
(only used for classes) )
3) Right shift/Left shift + 1's complement concepts
then asked me to give the output of this:-
i = 10;
int j = i >> 10;

4) Then, difference b/w
char *str = "Hello";
char arr[] = "Hello";
he started asking whether following statements get complied
or not;
arr++; // ERROR..its like a pointer constant
*(arr + 1) = 's';
cout<<arr; // o/p: Hsllo
and other questions which i dont remember

5) struct Date
int yr;
int day;
int month;
} date1,date2;

date1.yr = 2004; = 4;
date1.month = 12;
now how will you initialize date2 (without member by member
ans: date2 = date1;

diff. b/w c++ structures & c structures

6) Explain Primary Memory, Secondary Memory, Virtual
Memory...etc etc..??
7) What happens when you run a programme.. he meant what
all the basic steps that O/S would take??
8) Virtual functions/ Abstract classes/ Pointer functions
9) Asked me to write a recurssive factorial prog.
10) Then he gave me a prob. of inheritance. Asked me how u
would invoke a base class member function using derived
class pointer( that func is not a virtual func. && no
virtual Base class inheritance)
And some other Q's which i dont remember now...


Acenture Technical Questions
1. pointer to structure.
2. static variable and difference b/w(const char *p,char
const *p,const char* const p).
3 pass by value & reference.
4. string library functions(syntax).
5. Write a program to compare two strings without using the
strcmp() function.
6. Write a program to concatenate two strings.
7. Write a program to interchange 2 variables without using
the third one.
8. Write programs for String Reversal & Palindrome check .
9. Write a program to find the Factorial of a number.
10. Write a program to generate the Fibinocci Series.
11. Searching and sorting alogorithms with complexities

Accenture Placement Paper

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Accenture Placement Paper..

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Accenture Placement Paper..

Answer / guest

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