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selection process of globalLogic, noida august 2008

selection process of globalLogic, noida august 2008..

Answer / sumit chauhan

there was recruitment for quality assurance trainee in globallogic noida on
2nd august 2008 in noida sector 59.
this recruitment was on the basis of referenced candidates by the
globallogic employees.


There was 3 round in selection process......
1. written
2. technical interview (for those candidate who has selected in written)
3. HR discussion (for those candidate who has selected in technical round)

(1) written paper starts at 9:00 am. it was of 30 minutes.
i have to attemp 30 questions in 30 minutes.
no negative marking.
it include ........
_________ 5 question of aptitude
_________ 10 question of English based on 2 passages.(lenthy)
_________ 10 questions of reasoning(very easy).
_________ 5 question of computer fundamental.

result was declared of written test after 1 hour.

(2) then selected candidate go for the technical round.
there were 10 panel of technical persons which are taking technical
interview one 2 one. this round was of about 45 minutes.
this include questions about testing , c++ , operating system , networking
, project mention in your cv. ,sdlc , puzzles , etc..

(3) then selected candidate go for the HR round.
there were 4 panel of hr persons which are taking hr interview one 2
one. this round was also of about 45 minutes.
this include general questions of hr and puzzles etc.


There are total 500 candidates called for this event by globallogic.

75 students selected in written test. and 425 rejected.
I think out of 30 the cut off is about 20 marks.

after that technical interview was there for these 75 candidates.
46 candidates are selected after technical interview. and 29 rejected.
most of rejected candidates in this round were boys.

after that all 46 candidates go through hr round.. and hr interviewer said
all of them that final result will be declared next week.

i free from there at 5:30 pm.


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