Please inform possibility of editing GR & how.

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Hi, Please inform possibility of editing GR & how. ..

Answer / thomson joseph

GR once posted cannot be editted other than the text fields
through MB02 Transaction. It is always advisable to reverse
or Cancel the GR

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Hi, Please inform possibility of editing GR & how. ..

Answer / spk_sarthak

Once you post GR document, system not allow to editing
because after GR posting system generate twise entry as
1) Inventory Management 2) accounting document.
only solution to reversal & cancle Gr document.

Before QA usage dicision reversal is possible
After QA usage dicison accepted than only return to

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Hi, Please inform possibility of editing GR & how. ..

Answer / manikandan.s

In S4HANA A12 change against R02 Material document against Material document no XXXX
change in text tap only

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