Hi, I have 4 year exp. in sales & marketing . Now I want 2
do SAP SD-CRM . I heard in Bangalore there is an institute
JK Initial Info Pvt. Ltd. ( regiatered by LearnSAP )provide
SAP trainning & placement. Apart from siemens or genovate
is there any institute which is certified???? Please help
me ,..

Thanking You

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Hi, I have 4 year exp. in sales & marketing . Now I want 2 do SAP SD-CRM . I heard in Bangalor..

Answer / naveeb rao

Don,t spent too much money to learn sap.. I have 3+ years of
EXP and I have done Siemens Certification in 2008 but till
now I hve attended only 2 interviews.
Go to small institute learn SAP, and put up FAKE EXP and get
onto SAP JOB...
I am victim of SAP...And dnt suggest any one to take
Certification by spending huge amt

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Hi, I have 4 year exp. in sales & marketing . Now I want 2 do SAP SD-CRM . I heard in Bangalor..

Answer / sunil rout

You can see the details through this link :


Any other que ? Feel free to ask.



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