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What is On the Job Training?

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What is On the Job Training?..

Answer / guest

on job training are
*Planned Progression
*Job Rotation
*Assist to Higer Posion
*Temporary Pramotion

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What is On the Job Training?..

Answer / firoz

providing the training to the employee with the work what
he has to do with out loss of pay,
improving his performance by giving the OJT

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What is On the Job Training?..

Answer / isaac patturaja.g.b

OJT or the on the job training is one of the training
process where training is given to someone new to a system
similar to the real job.

(e.g)College fresher given a OJT in CNC machines means that
he / she will be trained in CNC machines similar to the
operations of CNC machines in a work shop.

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What is On the Job Training?..

Answer / suprabha

On the Job training involves assigning trainees to jobs and encouraging them to observe and learn from experienced job incumbents.

it is carried out at the workplace, delivered while the learner is engaged in performing work tasks.

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What is On the Job Training?..

Answer / kayaro malone

This is training offered while still doing your previous work

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