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What is Employee Morale?

What is Employee Morale?..

Answer / hari

employee morale is the mind set of the employee...morale
reflects on work performed..if the morale is high..his
performance meets and exceeds goals....some of the traits
of positive morale is being self motivated, proactive,
responsible and goal oriented in the workplace...

if the morale is low..then his level of performance drops,
feels dejected...this cud becoz of various resons....may be
becoz of this supiriors, health problems, family probs,
finacial etc,....

the only wepon to improve the morale of an employee is by
identifying his area of problem and motivating him...

as an employer one shud understand..

that all employees are individuals with diverse interests
Employees must be empowered to select their own
incentives from a menu of choices. Management & leadership
must lead by example &#8211; treat each employee as an
individual, listen, care about people and be fair....

all the best to u all.......

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