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Business Management Interview Questions
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im ravi frm tumkur i did mba in finance.i m seeking job in finance if any body knows abt job vecancies or walk in in bangalore please inform me my cell no is 9986288362 and my e mail id is


how would you answer when interviewer asked you about signing 3 yrs of bond with company and you are not interested in signing bond?

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What Do you Mean by Wall Management?

Ernst Young,


Dear Friends, I am having a 4+ years of experience in HR field and am planning to do SAP - HR general course (not the certification) but one of friend suggested me to go for SAP certification. But am confused whether to go for certification or general course?? If I have to do the certification how for its going to help?? How is the future for SAP CERTIFICATION?? NEED YOUR HELP, KINDLY ADVISE ME Best Regards Kiran M: +91 – 9632600115 Email:


distinguish between speculator and hedger

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What is the entry for deprecation?

Bajaj Allianz, Genpact, HP,

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1. Principles and Practices of Management How will you influence people to strive willingly for group objectives in your organization (target based industry)? Apply interpersonal influence through communication process towards attaining your personalized goals? 2. Human Resources Management The present state of recession in the IT Industry – as a Human Resource Manager how are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning to Macro level to tide over the crisis 3. Financial Management What will your outlook towards maintenance of liquid assets to ensure that the firm has adequate cash in hands to meet its obligation at all times? 4. Marketing Management If you are working in a super market, what techniques/ tools you will use in data collection. How are you going to analysis the data and make inferences? How will you finally apply your market research to improve sales and win over customers? 5. Organizational Behaviour If you are made the compaign leader for a particular political party .How will you use your leader ship skills to motivate your party men to ensure success of the party nominee in the elections? (Focus on the individual motivate and apply leadership style). 6. Principles of Economics Suppose the price elasticity of demand for the textbooks is two and the price of the textbook is increased by 10% By how much does the quantity demand fall? Enter the results and discuss reason for the fall in quantity demand.

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Do any body have successfully submitted P&G management evaluation form online. I did it but failed. Can anybody help me ? I put all questions on a paper and tried my best to solve it but facing problems? Can anybody discuss it ?

P&G Procter Gamble,


What interests you about this job?

ONGC, Subway, Under Armour, Wegmans,


What applicable attributes / experience do you have?


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Why are you the best person for the job position you are applying for?


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Why do you want to work with SOUTH ATLANTIC OIL AND GAS INC.?



What challenges are you looking for in a position?

Axis Bank, ONGC,

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What interests you about this job?



What can you contribute to this company?



Un-Answered Questions { Business Management }

How will you deal with corporate office and what are the steps.


What does General Insurance Policy cover?


Where Does Revenue Received In Advance Go On A Balance Sheet?


Does anyone ever face the problem about Oracle MRP that in MRP planner workbench not show where used for some make item that make it generates wrong demand and supply


Q.4. Method(s) to settle Industrial Disputes is/ are: I. Investigation. II. Conciliation. III. Arbitration. (a). I&II. (b). Only I ©. I, II & III. (d). None of these.


Electronics has given technologies to bank. What are they? Explain?


What is unique about the company? - Venture Capitalists


What is cargo planning? How do you do that and what are the most Important factors that are kept in mind while planning?


tell me about time when you had to present your skills influence someone openion


Tell us do you think insurance companies sometimes play games to see if they can avoid paying claims? : insurance health


What should be my minimum pay? i have done M.B.A in H.R. i am searching for a job in H.R. field, i dont mine doing a job which does not require M.B.A. I wanna know the minimum pay that i must get as an graduate.


What Is The Ssm Framework Regulation And Why Is It Necessary? To Whom Does It Apply?


How have you decided what level of detail to go into?


any one can explain the Dealer Management in the automobolie company?


What is your U.S. geographic preference?