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how we test a 3 phase motor on single phase supply....? HOW WE RUN A 3 PHASE MOTOR ON SNIGLE PHASE. supply for testing..? how we verify of a 3 phase motors 6 wire & name thame a1/a2/a3..b1/b2/b3 and c1/c2/c3 for connecting star delta starter ........i have only 1 phase supply ? help forum..........


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why hv winding is not placed near to transformer core

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How can calculate the daily electrical consumption of 7.5 HP motor, if the moter runs 24 hrs continiously. Also have to know about 3.5 hp chiller.



my N-P 230 VAC at 3 wires but i haven't any voltages at phase to phase whither my supply is 3 phase, why i haven't received these line to line voltages ?

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what is the first step of dg shycroning ?


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what is power factor?


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how we can check that any motor is faulty may be single phase or three phase?


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we touch other end of the tester supply, why do not get shock?


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what is tha gap between the pole of 132kv line

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What sort of protection scheme do you suggest for the protection of a 10 HP motor?


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Why the capacitor bank is keeping on for electricity supply and keeping it off for generator supply

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what is the primary current in 415/415 v when secondry of dry type transformer is shorted.?

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What are the conditions to be satisfied before connecting two DC generators in parallel?

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how to calculate the conductor size for certain KV transmission line and distribution line?



What is the difference between earthed & unearthed system?


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what is the difference b/w ATS and HTS?


The loads are connected with phase and ground then why current flow as the loads ?


what is earth-fault?when it occurs? to check where it occurs what type of test should we do?


we have 15 ampere variyac but we want 30 ampere variyac what we do


Why choke coil is connected in series with starter in tubelight??why starter is connected in parallel to tubelight??


star delta starter contorl circuit... drawing..


in power generator normaly voltagr betwween esth to neutral is 0 but my work place generator show the volatge is 60v any body know why? thanks


internally connection of photvoltic module


Write the force balance equation of m ideal mass element.


does a DG set has low fault level as compared to that of a transformer.If yes then why.


how can we phase identification in a distribution line,how we recognise that which phase is coming for a house hold connection.help me............


What aturn on methods of scr?


how did i get the competency certificate as electricle supervisor. iam completed my b.tech.but i dnt have any experince, this certificate is required for applyng ongc mangement trainees. what should i do sir please suggested me


I want to ask that is there any relation between current denesity of copper and material purity. also is ther any standard which defines the standard current denesity of material.


What is cathode ray oscilloscope (cro)?