Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what can i do, if i want to carrier in design as i am electrical engg?

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What happens when the field of an alternator connected to infinite bus is suddenly removed?

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Why the airgap of an induction motor is less compared to that of a synchronous machine?

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A 100 MVA transformer may be cooled with?


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Supose we have one 220v A.C fan.if we provide 220v D.C what will be happen?

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What is the difference between CT for protection and Ct for metering?


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what is the surge arrestor?how it operates?what is the range for it?

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what is the circutor?why we use it ?


what is the difference between star and delta connection ? when we use each one ?what is the best ?

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how the alternator transfere mechanical energy to electrical one ??

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what is the difference between power and distribution transformer?

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what will be happen if we apply D.C supply to the transformer


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what is reactive power?

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plz tell me about for how many rating (for 500kva)how much current taken?

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I am working as maintenance engg. in electrical but i want to do carrier in electrical drawing.Tell me about that.

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Is a contactor (or master relay) required between incoming lines and a VFD? The question goes to safety. If a contactor were used before the VFD and an e-stop engaged then the motor will coast to a stop (i.e. VFD loses power) instead of stopping much faster if the VFD braking fucntion were used. It would make more sense to keep power on the VFD.


Why space heater is required for each verical bus bar chamber? if one space heater is adequate or not for anti condensation?


How harmonic block test are conducted on relays ( Siemens,Areva ect )power transformer using omicron kit?


what is the path of thunderlightening? once both a buffalo and a person were standing 5m apart but lightening hit and killed buffalo not person?


how line turns ratio changes in 3 phase with change in connection


how to calculation increase capacitor,increase power factor for three phase.


Hi,iam a diploma in electrical engineering.rtd from indian air force in apr 2007.prsently working in reliance next link as a network maintenance engineer since 2007,can i get a job in motherson sumi.


How to calculate cable size in HT AND LT


what are the application of over current relay?


what is the meaning of vcc


If a 3 phase induction motor is in off condition in the conveyor and rotor of the motor keeps moving with the conveyor than the resistance of windings of motor varies. why is it so ??


Compare salient pole and cylindrical rotor machines.


Dear all: Recently we got a question about Interface between PMS and SAP-PM.once we got a update message from PMS.we should set the deletional flag for functional location in SAP system.Is there any FM or BAPI to use?There are only functional location create and change provided by SAP. Best regards!


what is the difference between active power and reactive power and apparant power in practical as well as theoritical


why we not used 11kva as a direct our electrnics component.