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Amara Raja Interview Questions
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What is the rating of your capacitor bank at your company.

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transformers parts & function of each parts

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If one tertiary phase i.e. R,Y or B is earthed of a loaded type tertiary delta connected (Without load)of a power auto transformer, what is its advantage/disadvantage?


what is the difference between star and delta connection ? when we use each one ?what is the best ?

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What do you mean by creepage distance?

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what is fund flow defination

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how much salary you expected?

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ups battery design formula


how to calculate distance between busbar supporters for LT panel, what are the factors influencing in this design


how to calculate cst. give me example

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what is fund flow definition

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What is power supply transformers?

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how many cement bags in 1m^3 cement concrete in all grade

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what is the rate of income tax, if a person gets 200000 per annum, what are entries in tally? what is the income tax to be deducted?

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ANY differenece between income tax and tds

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Un-Answered Questions

What are different SCSI command phases?


Does magnetomonopoles exists? one maxwell equation strongly suggests no, but how about their existance in plasma?


What is effect of harmonic current (Draw by VFD) on power system/ electrical Equipments ?


what are the activities made during multi currency handling


What is singleton pattern in OOPS?


how can you do consignment in inter company sales?


What is the WCT percentage under which the amount is being deducted in Punjab. Under what Notification and dated when???????????. Serious Senor I need the answer other wise I would not have posed this question; Please send the answer to the mail address.


ball pen is writtingg on paper


I am having 5 nos. ceiling fans in my home. if i switch on all fan at full speed say 5 , so Will my meter reading be runing fast ? OR if I keep all fans on very low speed, say 1, so meter reading will runing slowly. or it does not make any difference whether low or high. reading will remain same?


What and where are the policy statements for requirement management?


How to define the service contract user and accessibility?


Where are oxygen analysers installed in cfbc boilers? What are their usual readings?


A specially designed interview book on interviews for accounting Jobs . Pl send your mail addresses for despatch


draw the circuit diagram of a transistor frequency convertor using a tetrode transistor?


Please define Transaction Type , Movement Type , Asset Transaction Type , Item Type & Document type. Please also give examples of each of them


Amara Raja Interview Questions
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