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WebTech Interview Questions
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i made a table in sql server 2000 and in a column i want to add image path of a picture present in my hardisk... so using insert statement how will i insert the path of the image in the table??

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Why the airgap of an induction motor is less compared to that of a synchronous machine?

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what is the difference bet standard & reference purchasing organisation

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fullform of bku


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sir i want syllabus for junior engineer §ion engineer.


How to Prevent the TEdit component from beeping when invalid ?


What r all the resources u need 4 the project u r currently in?


can u plz give an example for regression testing with example.


If you worked for Wegmans Food Markets, what are you doing?


what should be ensure to run the sequence job so that if its get aborted in 10th job before 9job should get succeeded?


9. Insists on error-free records


What are the types of lookup transformation?


What are the limitations of automating software testing?


If density of cement is 1500 Kg/m3, the how is specific gravity 3.15 ? (Density of water is 1000 Kg/m3)


why you choose accounting as your career ? ?


What are mutual funds? Why are mutual funds better than stocks?


What are the function of different components of servo motor?


I am interested in how to write Functional Specicification documents to be passed on SAP ABAP Consultants. After the Fit/Gap Analysis the RICEFW objects will be derived and functional specicifications will be written for the ABAPers to work on. I would be happy if anyone could send me examples, templates and explanations. Thanks Jay


i want to become a manager after 5 years what will do for that.


WebTech Interview Questions
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