Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How to calculate the heat load for a electrical room


what is the difference in MCB, MCCB, RCCB, ELCB, & MPCB (motor protection circuit bracker)

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How can we calculate the rating of capacitor bank to be connected for a particular load(ex.100kw)to improve the power factor from 0.8 to 0.9?


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when neutral will carry the current?what could be the magnitude?


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if we use fuse in neutral what will happen?


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What is Ten Delta Test ?


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What is the importance of Form B to state Electricity Boards?

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what is the importance of Partial Dischage test for Electrical Equipments


The potential difference between a phase and neutral is 230v , but the potential difference between two phases is 400v. why?


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Suppose the incoming power is 11 kw, but the load require only 8 kw means how can we save or use the excess power?

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In 90 kva alternator that produce the output voltage is 115(p-n),200(p-p) at 1500 rpms means what ampere it produced ?


What is the difference between INVERTER and UPS?

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what is the use of earthing ?

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how we protect the motor & what are the components required for that ?

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Why 60Hz frequency is used in America what are all the benifits?

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for what purpose the star point is done in ct


What is the formula for calculating the Instantaneous Short Circuit & overcurrent for any breaker


how can we understand that where we have to use ac or dc coil for solenoid valve and why?what is the different between coil of ac and dc explain please.


Can we convert off line transformer to on line transformer


How to do the REF Stability test for power transformers in Site?


why and where we use early make & late break contacts in protection?


What happen to the transformer if the OLTC frequently used for lower and raise occured 50times daily?


Why LED light has advantage of rapid reflection ,although other lights alse reflect.? and this light is considered to be best for transmission usage in case of Free optics


We have 110Vac ,10A ac supply which is converted into 110VDC & How much DC current? which factor is reqired for dc current calulation?


Actuality I have at home electrical panel with 220v 50hz, and I want to converter from there to 110v 60hz, to wiring on the half of my house. Also I like to keep another half of my house with the original 220v 50hz. What is the best and safety way to do?


what is meant by brushed alternator & its working principle ?


In Power Line Communication (PLC) the wave trap is used to block communication signals from entering neighboring lines. My question is this: Why do they allow for different filtering arrangements on these wave traps? Isn't it always going to be a low pass filter since we want the power frequency to go through, and the comm signal blocked?


if negative of DC supply used and positive is grounded through EGB, and if ELCB used in the system then is it sense the positive volatge and get tripped is it possible?


is there any device that works properly accept relay, it may be fuse but if i want fuse of 33kv 300 amp it is avaliable, pls give me details


how to calculate the Neutral transformer impedance?