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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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explain impact of tariff on energy management..? and what is ABT tariff


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explain supply side and demand side energy management with advantages & disadvantages


whye the current increases in the motor when the load on the motor increases

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when the size of the cable used for the ht voltage is 300sqmm then what is the size of the conductor of each phase

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What is difference between Earthing, Ground and Neutral?

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why ht motor connection in star


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motor and transformer working with same principle so why motor rotor was roted and transformer not roted

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why we oltc on hv side of tranformer only

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If the load of transformer is getting more than its rating,,,than how to overcome this problem? Suppose thee rating of transformer is 315kva and the load is going beyond than the rating say around load: 352kva... Than how can we solve this problem without deducting the load.


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how to calculate optimum loading for transformer?

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what is the problem occer in motor


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in single phase circuit if i connect a heater between phase and neutral, then what will be the current path? phase to neutral or neutral to phase.

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DG B-check,C-Check,D-check is depending upon the running hrs.If the running hrs is not reached as mentioned.How to conduct the DG checks.

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DG lube oil and waste oil how to dispose outside and there is any authorised vendors will be there for this.

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what is meant by frequency ?


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Explain Creepage Distance of Insulator


The gauge indicates the number of amps, but what about voltage? How voltage rating (for wire or fuse) determined?


Can anybody just suggest about the scope of Electrical design with ETAP software?Just guide me?


Why a Permanent Magnet Generator has higher frequency as compared to frequency of main alternator?


What effect does a very low impedance have on the Voltage regulation? On the short-circuit current?


what is the use of commutator in dc motor if we supply ac ? commutator is used to convert ac to dc.and it is used to arrange the flux in unidirectional in case of dc supply. if we give ac as supply to dc motor what is the use of commutator?


For electrical designers what are the standard should know? i want learn about this standards. how to get information/reference. anybody help in this regards please.


What is a DC series motor?


Is electro plating what type of load whether resistive, inductive or capacitive loads


how to know the diffrential relay setting of 06mva step- down (delta-star)transformer?


Main advantage of auto transformer over two windings transformer is that A it needs no cooling B it uses only one winding C core losses are reduced D it has simple construction


What is dc current source?


1. The DC generaror,s induced output emf is connected with a DC motor(as load). when increasing the load of the motor by using brake drum or any way. what are the parameters will changes in both motor and generator(voltage, current, resistance, frequency, speed, torque, power, flux etc...) 2. Similarly for AC generator and AC motor 3. similarly if using DC batteries instead of DC generator, What happens?


What should be the voltage between Neutral and Ground in secondary side of the step down transformer (230 V to 110 V) with no load condition?


what is the method of earthing of a transformer using electrodes?